Black Sea Medical Centre Ltd.

Published date: 07/06/2018


"Black Sea Medical Centre" Ltd. is licensed by the UK, Liberia and Panama Maritime Administrations, UK P & A Club, American club and Norway to certify seafarers for fitness for duty in compliance with the international standards and requirements of ship-owners. The centre is also authorized by the Bulgarian Health Ministry to immunize seafarers against yellow fever, to execute health expertise for insurance companies, to examine patients by a wide range of specialists and doctors, to execute standard pre-employment medical examination. The centre is supplied with clinical and immune-hematological laboratory.

First Operation Credit: Not Specified
ISO 9001 Quality Management System:
ISO 14001 ISO 14001 Environmental management:
ISO 18001 OHSAS Health & Safety Management System:
Services: Medical examinations of seafarers in compliance with the international standards and requirements of ship-owners; Maritime Labour Convention 2006, UК P & A Club and American Club
Standard pre-employment medical examination.
Consultations by a wide range of medical specialists.
Immunization against yellow fever.
All types of immunizations.
Health expertise for insurance companies.
Monitoring of seafarers’ health condition from their returning until their departure.
Consultations, diagnostics and treatment of repatriated seafarers due to medical reasons.
Special monitoring of the health of seafarers, sailing on chemical tankers.